MAURI & C. snc

We have been bringing your ideas to life for 40 years.

Mauri & C. works out, models and moulds the objects in high-technology and high-aesthetic polyurethane.

The range of our realisations comes from the small parts covered with carbonium fiber of 1 gramm weight upto big structural components (2000 mm x 800 mm) in RIM  and large design sofas.

Speaking about interior and design world, we cooperate with the companies that have created the history of the interior design starting from the 70th.


The aircraft-grade aluminium or resin moulds are designed and constructed at our technical office and our workshop, that includes CAD/CAM controlled 5-axles machinery. We work out the moulds made with special material for small series production (for example 10 pieces) or also for big-size items, starting directly from 3D file.

The production unit is provided for working with any kind of polyurethane resin, as rigid as flexible one.

We are at your disposal to provide you with the best mould solution for your projects. The quality of our technology is your competitive advantage.

Mauri & C. snc:

Registered office: Via Padova 16, 20833 Paina di Giussano - MB -

Operational and administrative headquarters: Via G. Mazzini 33/A, 22066 Mariano Comense - CO - Italy

Tel. 031.749174 - Fax 031.743919 - -

C.F.: 01718200155 - P.IVA: 00722060969 - R.E.A.: 0859607 - REG. IMPRESE TRIB. MONZA: 9232

Mauri & C. snc has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020
research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 877238


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